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Black Ops 3 Zombies Leaked Details

New details have been leaked for Black Ops 3 Zombies giving us an insight into the gameplay and what to expect in the storyline.

Main Features:

  • The original Origins characters to return for the “spin off” story line
  • Perks will return
  • Pack-a-punch will return
  • Nazi Zombies return (for 1 map more is possible in DLC)
  • Ray Gun returns as Ray Gun Mk3 (Black Ops 3)
  • Zombies will NOT have advanced mechanics such as thrusting and will remain the traditional Treyarch zombies we know and love
  • Custom Camo’s from the Gunsmith can be transferred across all game modes, zombies, multiplayer and campaign
  • Brand new XP progression system
  • Maps will have roles/missions – Players will not be penalised.
  • 3-4 maps released on launch (1 Nazi Zombies map)

Full Leak Details:

ZOMBIES: Treyarch have been very secretive with their zombies and as of yet I’ve not gathered that much information, however I can tell you there will essentially be 2 different zombies storylines to keep the zombies community happy, mind fucked and interested in the series. Although the Origins storyline has finished, a Nazi Zombies map will be shipped with the game; this is once again for nostalgia and to bring the players back to the WAW feel.

The storyline is an alternative ended to Origins and sets up the path on how Element 115 is once again exploited for its unique properties. Element 115 is once again used to make super soldiers, and although Element 115 has been controlled in the sense that zombies are no longer mindless, walking freaks wanting to eat brains, no one could have predicted the outbreak. Zombies AI has been re-built from the ground up but will still allow for the classic “zombies train” AI, we all know and love, but the new zombies AI will demonstrate a new, intelligent breed of zombies that allows zombies to demonstrate some new interesting characteristics.

“Only the cursed survive” will be a popular phrase used and explains the story of the next zombie’s storyline. At the moment all the information I have on this is that essentially a company dealing with Element 115 believes that everyone needs this brand new treatment to allow for human evolution to continue. And with Element 115, eternal life is possible and can bring those from the dead, back alive. When the company is told that Governments will not fund the outlandish project, the company seek private funding. All this will be shown via cut scenes, similar to Advanced Warfare’s Exo-Zombies and will give the story a campaign feel, unlike previous titles.

Each map (currently unknown on the amount, it is believed to be at least 3 or 4) will have specific roles/missions that you can complete if you’d like to go through the maps in order; failure to complete these missions will not penalise the player in anyway, and if players wish, they can play each individual map as they please to get to the highest round possible. This all explains the zombie holding the black card (The Zombie is Agent Hudson) in the marketing material which shows the logo of the company in which infected him, although now infected or “cursed” he still knows and he has his purpose. The zombie also is over shadowing the city, which states that the zombie is still aware of what he’s doing, and still wants to pursue in infecting the world which will continue the human evolution on a bright path (or so they still believe). The people behind the company are essentially psycho’s to say the least.

Source: Reddit User and Youtuber LongSensation which has proven to be a reliable source thus far.

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  1. Always been a fan of zombies ever since WAW and if this is true I’m gonna be so hype for the release

  2. Thanks brother!

  3. I really hope they make another tranzit sort of map, or any map that has different areas and some sort of vehicle

  4. I hope they revamp transit and all other maps and but things back in to them the ps3 could not handle i love the zombies exo zombies just did not feel right or give me the i must play feel the old zombies is still the best because of the history links within the story lines so come on zombie mania give us the best ever game play and let make the zombies a full game i mean make all of the maps and story lines One BIG game woo that would be amazing

  5. Easton Butler

    This is so cool. I cant wait for the official zombies reveal at comic con today!!!

  6. Easton Butler

    I would also like to see a campaign mode for zombies!!! Level by level you can play with friends!!!

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